The other paintings

Then, there are those paintings, the « one-shots », subjects that haven’t really been deployed as series. Just like the « parking lots », that I haven’t continued for some years now. Or the little series of the « still lives ».

« The monkey » is an automat, belonging to my family, that is particularly dear to me. I perceive this object as a metaphor that speaks of the vainness and ridicule of the human effort. I can’t stop from thinking of the film « Andreï Rublev » by Andreï Tarkovski, whenever I contemplate it.

The « Waiting room » is a quite personal painting, of a place that I spent a lot of quality time in, as a child.

« House to renovate » was a « for sale » house that I visited some years ago, the interior was all salmon-pink, with squeaky wooden floors, and altogether in a quite bad state. In relation to the state of dereliction of the house, there was something attaching and at the same time pathetic, about those dry flower bouquets over the stairway.

To renovate

To renovate

Oil on canvas, 130x97cm, 2015